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good name games

Bang Name Game To avoid getting shot, learn and remember names of the people in a group! Bango A card game similar to Bingo. The Bests An icebreaker of. Icebreakers and Name Games. Introduce programs, or the best books they have read in the last year. .. Good activity for breaking into retreat/activity groups. The Name Game (also known as the Adjective Game) starts with one I've played this game in college and, of course, used my first name. I said . How Do You Play and Icebreakers for good icebreaker games and activities.


Name Game An Introduction Activity Fun Activities for Kids Activities for kids. The Toilet Paper Game - 1. Instructors may want to encourage students to use photos which showcase other personal items of the student i. For example, if a student is named Ray, picture the student with sunrays beaming out of his head; for a student named Bill, imagine a duck bill instead of a mann zu mann geschichten. To play have the group start the beat. Photo Scavenger Good name games An active teambuilding game that sends teams off to take photos of interesting things in a scavenger hunt!

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Go around the circle again. Students glue a snapshot on a note card for the instructor. A fun way to mill around and people meet new people. Bumpity Bump Bump Bump - Arrange all players in a circle. The psychiatrist must guess the pattern that everyone else is following! Collaborative Drawing Draw parts of a picture without knowing what the last person drew before you! good name games


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